Yosemite, I

29/Aug/2023 — A veces tú eres la piedra en el fondo del río y nadie te puede sacar.

Compré mi primer auto

2/Aug/2023 — Hace dos años compré un Audi TT S. No tenía muchas cosas en mente más que, quería de preferencia, un auto con interiores bonitos, que no tuviera una pantalla en el centro del auto y que no fuera algo común.

¿Qué es la confianza?

26/Jan/2023 — Nuestra economía y sociedad funcionan a través del nivel de confianza que proyectamos en otras personas, instituciones y empresas.

A story about playing chess

2/Sep/2021 — I went to a public school with this basic chess program, I quickly excelled but I had no one to practice with or to look up to.

Less, but better

15/Mar/2021 — Historically it's been said that money doesn't buy you happiness but lack of money makes you unhappy.

My favorite Capitall Allocator's Podcast episodes

4/Mar/2021 — While listening, I bookmarked the episodes that I got to learn a ton about investment strategy, asset management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and decision making.

Mexico City is the new Mexican Tech Hub

12/Dec/2020 — There are some advantages to having offices in Mexico City, one is that cost of living is lower than cities like San Francisco or New York City.

They should've just named it SARS 2

3/Jul/2020 — Two weeks earlier, when I boarded my plane at Mexico's City airport I was asked if I had recently been to China or been in contact with someone who had been there in the past couple of weeks, I didn't.

2019, year in review

27/Dec/2019 — 2019 was the year of reading.

Introducing Ramen Tour

18/Mar/2019 — I've visited a large number of Japanese restaurants in Mexico City and decided to make a list of my favorite ones for eating ramen.