A story about playing chess

2/Sep/2021 — I went to a public school with this basic chess program, I quickly excelled but I had no one to practice with or to look up to.

On decision making, I

8/Jul/2021 — Using our past experiences to make decisions is a defect of our minds. We cannot predict the future based solely on our past.

Be ready

11/May/2021 — Last night I followed through with a lot of things that had been on my life to-do list for a few months or years, you know, in case I may not come back home today.

Less, but better

15/Mar/2021 — Historically it's been said that money doesn't buy you happiness but lack of money makes you unhappy.

My favorite Capitall Allocator's Podcast episodes

4/Mar/2021 — While listening, I bookmarked the episodes that I got to learn a ton about investment strategy, asset management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and decision making.

Cleaning up my mind

24/Feb/2021 — I've been going back to the significant life events of the past couple of years, especially after reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.


31/Dec/2020 — Maybe Mexico City is no longer the right place for me. I'm afraid about the future, I'm so close to giving up.

Mexico City is the new Mexican Tech Hub

12/Dec/2020 — There are some advantages to having offices in Mexico City, one is that cost of living is lower than cities like San Francisco or New York City.

They should've just named it SARS 2

3/Jul/2020 — Two weeks earlier, when I boarded my plane at Mexico's City airport I was asked if I had recently been to China or been in contact with someone who had been there in the past couple of weeks, I didn't.

2019, year in review

27/Dec/2019 — 2019 was the year of reading.