Julio Montaño giving a React talk

Julio Montaño

Hi, my name is Julio Montaño, in the internet I go by jmz7v.

I'm a Front-End Engineer focused on the React and JS ecosystem.

For the past 4 years I've been building User Interfaces for web products, reaching thousands of end users in production evironments, working with data visualization, delivering the best performance and putting the best attention to detail on the market when taking designs from mockups and renders to code.

Julio focuses on Fin-tech, UI Design, and Front-End development

I have extensive experience in building user interfaces for products in finance technology but have also worked with human resources, transportation, and services industries.

Work Experience

In the past I've worked as a Software Engineer with many leading companies in Mexico, primarily in fin-tech, some of them are:


Providing financial services to Latin-American SMEs with products that are superior on price and quality

GBM Grupo Bursátil Mexicano

The largest investment and brokerage service provider in Mexico – Market Cap US $960M (late 2018)


Financial Corporate group that includes accounting services, peer-to-peer lending, and credit repair


Manage all your personal cash flow, set saving goals and limit your expenses



Running the largest JS meetup in Latin-America

Ramen Tour

My personal recommendations for places to eat ramen in CDMX


Boilerplate for React projects focused on productivity


Library of useful SCSS snippets for rapid web development


13 column grid system with equal gutter and single column width


Extract the color pallete from an image

Falling Dodge

Videogame collab with Antonio Feregrino



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