My favorite Capitall Allocator's Podcast episodes

For the past year and a half I've been listening to the Capital Allocators podcast.

I finally managed to listen to all the episodes. It's really interesting but I also know it's quite hard to go and listen to ~200 episodes.

While listening, I bookmarked the episodes that I got to learn a ton about investment strategy, asset management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and decision making.

I'd encourage to read the description of the episode and see if it looks like something you'd be interested in listening to:

Ted Seides
The Bet With Buffett (ep.05)

Jason Karp
From Hedge Funds To Health And Wellness At Humanco (first Meeting, Ep.12)

Jeffrey Solomon
Vision, Tenacity, And Empathy (ep.09)

David “bull” Gurfein
Interdisciplinary Lessons From The Marines (ep.10)

Thomas Delong
Authentic Leadership (ep.18)

Dan Schorr
Death, Ice Cream, And Entrepreneurship (ep.19)

Annie Duke
Improving Decision Making (ep.39)

Brian Portnoy
From Complex To Simple (ep.57)

Charley Ellis
Multiple Ways To Win (ep.08)

Michael Schwimer
Moneyball As An Investment Strategy (ep.72)

David Zorub
The Path To A Hedge Fund Launch (ep.96)

Khe Hy
Radical Shift From Investing To Purpose (ep.101)

Eric Ries
Lean Start-ups And The Long-term Stock Exchange (ep.107)

Scott Kupor
Andreessen Horowitz (first Meeting, Ep.07)

Drew Dickson
Blending Behavior And Fundamentals At Albert Bridge Capital (first Meeting, Ep.13)

Dan Rasmussen
Private Equity Risk And Public Equity Opportunity At Verdad Advisers (fm Ep.15)

Daniel Adamson
Innovation From Asset Giants At Capital Constellation (ep.136)

Adam Fisher
Blending Global Macro And Real Estate At Commonwealth Asset Management (fm.21)

Chamath Palihapitiya
The Social Capital Flywheel (ep.167)

I hope you learn something from this amazing podcast, big thanks to Ted Seides.

Published by Julio Montaño on Mar 04, 2021