Crypto Price Tracker

Product, 2018

As a quick experiment I made this React App using that gathers crypto prices from 3 crypto currency markets in Mexico: Bitso, CoinRex and Bitlem.

I built this with React and Elysium in exactly 4 hours, the time limit for this small project.

Real screenshot of working app in desktop after 4 hours.

The code for this project has been made private because one of the companies shut down and the other two changed their APIs.

It has a custom design that made sense for me and that I was able to make without going over the time limit.

It features a responsive design that collapses nicely when viewed on a small screen and allows you to input an amount and see how much of any featured crypto you would be able to buy.

Real screenshot of working app in mobile showing the different crypto coins

The prices are updated every 5 seconds and only the last 10 prices will be shown.

If the price goes up or stays the same the indicator will be facing up and filled with color green, if the price goes down the triangle will point down and turn red.