Let's work together

Hi, my name is Julio and I'm a Senior Front-End Engineer. My front-end stack includes React, Webpack, Babel, ES6, SCSS BEM. My back-end stack includes Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Chi and Phoenix.

I have worked with: Redux, Flux, D3, Recharts, SVG, Canvas, Fetch, Moment, Lodash, Internationalization, Postgres, AWS, DigitalOcean, Ansible and Docker.

Here's my résumé and my public portfolio.

I'm avaiable for Web Application Development

Rate – USD $50 per hour
Availability – up to 20 hours every week
Conditions – 50% up front

Job Offers

If instead of working on a per-hour basis, you would like me to join your team, I can help you to take your product and team to the next level.

If your team is located in the US, I'm elegible for a really easy and non-expensive TN visa, which is a much simpler, cheaper way to get a work permit in the US, all I need is an offer letter from you and I will take care of the rest. I can also send you some information over email regarding the TN status, it is very helpful to have it handy.

I provide my own equipment, health insurance and home office gear.


Reach me at jmz7v.com@gmail.com.