Julio Montaño

Senior Front-End Engineer

Hi, my name is Julio and I'm a Senior Front-End Engineer living in Mexico City.

My main focus is building front-end SPAs using React. I have built and deployed apps in production for thousands of paying clients, worked on data visualization using plain D3, SVG and canvas, made performance improvements and collaborated with UI design.

I'm experienced in fin-tech, human resources and have experience building software for third party clients.

My front-end stack includes React, Webpack, Babel, ES6, SCSS BEM. On the back-end I've worked with Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Chi and Phoenix. I also have some experience using Postgres, AWS, Ansible and Docker.

Reach me at jmz7v.com@gmail.com


Front-End Engineer, Technical Team Leader

Resuelve 2017 – 2018

I led Resuelve's front-end team. My daily activities included developing new features for the apps I was leading, helping Jr. and Sr. front-end developers get on track with new tech, coding standards and best practices while making tecnhical and professional decisions for our front-end products that had positive impact on our clients, developers and employees.

I joined to rewrite the front-end of Enconta, an online accounting software. The new app built with Rails API + React was was released in late 2017 to our ~1500 paying clients, ~70 accountants and ~30 customer service representatives. It is about 20X faster than our previous one, much more robust, easier to use for our clients, has a polished UI and allowed us to implement new features quickly.

After Enconta was released I moved to La Tasa, a P2P lending product that was also in need of an entire front-end rewrite, with pretty much the same stack and tech as Enconta.

I also collaborated on an internal employee manager built from the ground up to fit the way Resuelve works, it handled multiple activities like employee info, payroll, performace reports and evaluations for the entire company with activities and processes with ~1500 employees, 3 countries, and 30+ teams.

I contributed from time to time to our backend teams using Ruby on Rails, learned Elixir, Phoenix and a little bit of Mongo.

My main stack was React, ES6, Babel, Webpack and a ton of other tools to provide our users with a good experience. In the backend I collaborated with features using Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Postgres and some Linux scripts.

I started multiple internal projects for our team and different areas of the company, improved some of our processes either with code or leadership, mainly looking for problems and ways to solve them using my abilities, for example, one tool is an app that reads data from GitHub and ZenHub, parses and sorts the data and categorizes it for project, person and sprint, then presents it in a familiar interface to our Project Managers and Product Owners so they can have better clarity of our project's status.

Front-End Engineer

Mazing Studio 2016 – 2017

I joined Mazing Studio to build Koin, a finance tool designed to help you understand and have a better control of your financial situation.

The version of Koin I worked on was built on React. Koin uses D3 for data visualization and charts, some charts were built on pure SVG, Canvas and had a lot of math to place native HTML elements in the correct positions and allowed us to have the flexibility to create interactions that would have been pretty much impossible using D3 alone. The rest of Koin was built on CSS3 with SASS using BEM.

Aside from Koin I worked in multiple client projects that had React front-ends and consumed the client's APIs. I learned to use Docker, Ansible and gained some good experience to handle Linux servers, learned to use tools that helped me deploy and control apps in Digital Ocean droplets. I also were given tasks to help the rest of the team build APIs that used Go and PHP, worked on Postgres databases and learned to move around Vim.

Most of the time at Mazing I worked remote, learned to schedule my time and handled our team communication using Slack, Google Hangouts, enforced code reviews and cross-team collaboration.

Full-Stack Developer

Renzon 2015 – 2016

Renzon is a web agency located in Mexico City, I worked in multiple projects that included writing websites for our clients from scratch using Jekyll, SASS and jQuery. I also worked with templates using templates in plain HTML, some had backends that required writing custom code in PHP for Wordpress or Liquid templates for Shopify.

I was also tasked with building an API for a healthcare start-up, I wrote the API using Laravel, MySQL and deployed it to AWS, the API was consumed by Android and iOS apps, it handled authentication, data manipulation, file storage, different levels of user permissions and an online store with payments included. I also wrote the front-end web app using first Angular, then migrated to React.

Web Developer

Prodigy Computación 2014 - 2015

Prodigy is a computer hardware store, my main activity was managing the website that housed an online catalog with products, prices and availability. The catalog was built on Joomla but I re-wrote the entire site in Jekyll and built parsers and generators that created HTML out of Excel catalogs. The new site was completely responsive, beautiful and fast, really fast.

We used to update the prices on the site every two weeks and it took 2 or 3 full days to update all the prices. With the new site and scripts, we were able to update the prices on the entire website in under two hours and made it a weekly thing.


Julio Montaño

jmz7v 2012 - Present

I write a blog, share my toughts and photographs and many people identify with the things that I write, my website gets around 10K views/month.


Organizer 2017 - Present

Eventloop is the largest latin-american developer community on Meetup, we set up talks every month that bring knowledge and expertise to the community of JavaScript developers in Mexico City.

Past Projects

¿Qué Demonios?

I designed and managed the main website of ¿Qué Demonios? 2013 - 2016

Jekyll, HTML5, CSS3

ExpoAcústica IPN

Website for IPN annual music event 2014 - 2016

Jekyll, HTML5, CSS3

Falling Dodge

Game for Windows, made with That C# Guy 2014

Logo Design, UI Assets, HTML5, CSS3


App for Windows Phone, made with That C# Guy 2014

Logo Design, UI Assets


Tumblr Theme, ~3K installs 2014

HTML5, CSS3, JS, Tumblr API


Tumblr Theme, ~500 installs 2013

HTML5, CSS3, JS, Tumblr API


El Futuro de React

Eventloop, Mexico City 2017


Bachelor of Science in Engineering

ESCOM IPN 2011 - 2015*




Twitter: @jmz7v

GitHub: @jmz7v

Instagram: @jmz7v