I'm an introvert and I tell stories

For quite some time I've had this friend that always tells amazing stories about almost anything.

Sometimes these stories were too good to be true but quite surprisingly the stories could always be confirmed by other people that were there. Some were even caught in video. He also has a great ability to explain things such as movies, series, historic events or mainstream media.

I always looked up to the way he told stories, I'm not sure if it was charisma, energy, the story itself or the way I could relate to it but after listening to months I started re-telling this same stories to other people I knew because they were so good I wanted to share them.

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The first hundred times were hard, I'd lost track of the story in the middle or would arrive at an ending that was really flat, lacked surprise or just was not very relevant to the conversation at all.

And then, after a year or so I noticed something changed. I don't know exactly how and when but when I was telling these stories

And the most amazing one of all…

People were paying attention

This was a very gradual process that only evolved by practicing.

Now I've got a bunch of fun and interesting stories to talk about, this has allowed me to make some interesting discoveries; I could talk to people that I didn't know and have an interesting conversation even though it's quite difficult for me because I'm an introvert but people appear to enjoy talking to me too.

I presume this comes as a result of having had many new experiences during the same time I was trying to improve my stories.

This allowed me to start telling stories that happened to me, from my own point of view. Most of the time I'd tell them to people that should've been there or were very close to us, that made the listeners more involved and they paid closer attention to it.

I don't consider myself an expert in this but a year later I'm quite comfortable going out there and talking to almost anyone about any topic I find interesting.

I'm still an introvert but now I tell stories.

Published by Julio Montaño on May 16, 2019