On decision making, I

Ideas on how to be smarter about life

Using our past experiences to make decisions is a defect of our minds. We cannot predict the future based solely on our past. We need to clearly think about how the game has changed since we last faced a similar decision.

As humans, we're naturally biased. It's even worse when even, knowing you are biased, you can still ignore your bias and make a poor decision.

Sometimes we even know we're making the wrong decision and we still commit to it because we're afraid what everyone else will think of us, when they don't even matter.

We don't know how to measure risk.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, SF
May, 2021

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I am not afraid to make mistakes, I'm learning a lot from them.
I don't make decisions when I'm angry.
I don't let emotions control my mind.
I think clearly, I try hard.

Published by Julio Montaño on Jul 08, 2021